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Host: Dr. Carlos Pérez García-Pando

Dr. Carlos Pérez García-Pando is Ramón y Cajal Researcher, AXA Professor on Sand and Dust Storms (SDS) and leader of the Atmospheric Composition group at ES-BSC. His research focuses on understanding the physical and chemical processes controlling atmospheric aerosols, and evaluating their effects upon climate, ocean biogeochemistry, air quality, and health. His core area of expertise is atmospheric mineral dust. He is also a model developer with a large experience in HPC and operational forecasting. Between 2009 and 2016 he worked at the NASA Goddard Instute for Space Studies and Columbia University. Aside of his significant research achievements related to dust-radiation interactions, dust mineralogy and dust effects on health, he led together with Dr. Oriol Jorba from BSC an international multi-institutional initiative to develop a unique unified (regional and global) prediction model for weather, atmospheric aerosols and chemistry that today provides operational forecasts widely used by the international scientific community, weather services, companies and air quality managers. He also played a seminal role in the design, creation, and successful implementation of the WMO Regional Centres on SDS prediction in Spain, the only operational dust forecasting service in the region fully recognized by WMO.
Dr. Pérez García-Pando’s work resulted in ~50 peer-reviewed papers (67% in Q1, h-Index: 28, i10-Index: 46, citations: 3134, source: Google Scholar), 20 chapters in books/proceedings/reports, 150 contributions to conferences/workshops/seminars (26 as invited speaker) and the edition of a book of proceedings. He organized an international conference and a workshop on SDS. He participated in 27 international (US and EU) and national projects (in 7 of them as PD, PI or co-PI). He co-advised 3 PhD students, 3 Master students, and 1 Postdoc. His work was highlighted among others by NASA and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts  ECMWF), and covered by international media such as The Guardian. Dr. Pérez García-Pando was recently awarded with a 15-year AXA Chair to support an ambitious mineral dust research program at BSC.

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