No. 1. Ready, Steady, Go!

The NoSoilPV project has officially started.

On November 29th, I moved to Jaén, a medium sized city in the South of Spain. Jaén is in Andalusia and in the foothills of the mountain ranges of Cazorla. The University of Jaén is a young (founded in 1993) and ambitious university, counting 15k+ students and 2 campuses.

My first month in Spain has been spent mainly dealing with burocracy (signing the new contract, registering as foreigner living in Spain and as an Italian living abroad, activating a Spanish mobile number…), setting up my new home and office (with all the related hardware and IT issues), getting in touch with new colleagues and planning in detail my future work with my supervisors, Florencia and Eduardo.

I had a pre-kick off meeting with the supervisors on December 19th, 2018, and then an official kick-off meeting with the NoSoilPV research team on February 7th, 2019. Also, the Data Management Plan has been agreed.

The work intensity has definitely skyrocketed since January, due to multiple conference deadlines: IEEE PVSC (January 21st,, EUPVSEC (February 8th,, and SWC (February 28th, Also, I had chance to attend events organized by two different COST Actions (

  • The inDust User Workshop on Solar Energy, in Offenbach, Germany, on Febrary 19-20, that brought together experts from the dust and the solar energy communities to identify potential applications of dust products in the solar energy field (

  • The PearlPV Working Group workshops, in Lisbon, Portugal, on Febrary 26-28, that gathered PV reliability researchers from several European countries (

I was thrilled of installing, thanks to Joao, a PhD student working on soiling, an Atonometrics soiling station (Fig. 1) on the roof of the centre (CEAEMA): the roof also hosts PV modules of various technologies and mounted with different configurations (two-axis trackers and fixed). The station and all the PV data will be of great interest!


Fig. 1. The self-cleaning Atonometrics soiling station on the roof of CEAMA, near the pyranometer.

The “jienenses” (people of Jaén) have been very welcoming. Andalucia is beautiful and during the weekends I had also chance to explore some of its beautiful mountains. In particular, I hiked the Pico Magina (2164m), the highest mountain in the county of Jaén, with several people from the group. Amazing views from the top (Fig. 2)! On the way down, we also passed by the Refugio Miramundos (Fig. 3), a great spot to spend a summer night... an idea to keep in mind for the future!


Fig. 2. The view from the top of the Pico Magina.


Fig. 3. The Refugio Miramundos (the "Miramundos" Hut) on the way down from the summit of Pico Magina.

This first post marks the start of the project's blog that will be updated periodically as part of NoSoilPV dissemination strategy. I also am working to renovate the website: it now has a better-organized structure (I hope, let me know) and new pages will be added shortly. Remember to subscribe our monthly newsletter (at the bottom of the homepage) and to check our Twitter feed (@nosoilpv)! You can also directly contact me by email. Gracias! Leo