No. 2. Progresamos!

I have just delivered a lecture on soiling to the students of the Master in “Renewable Energy”. We spoke about monitoring and mitigation technologies. This is part of my effort, within the NoSoilPV project, to develop my lecturing skills and to disseminate knowledge on soiling. In this light, I will be also speaking to the staff of the University of Jaen during a workshop on the MSCA-Individual Fellowships (IF) 2019 call, in quality of MSCA ambassador. In addition, from a project perspective, the Data Management Plan was submitted, marking the achievement of our deliverable 1.2.

We keep working on researching and developing novel methods to address soiling, and we should be able to communicate some news soon. For the moment, we have been confirmed as speakers at the IEEE PVSC 46 conference, with a talk titled “An Improved Method to Extract and Generate Soiling Loss Profiles”. Also, we will be co-authoring a talk on DUSST, presented by Matthew Muller and titled “Indoor and Outdoor Test Results for DUSST, a Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance PV Soiling Sensor”.

Spain keeps surprising me, both for its natural beauty and its people. I had chance to see couple of important festivals in March: the Carnival in Cadiz, and the Fallas in Valencia (Fig. 1). Two amazing experiences. Moreover, I walked a beautiful trail in Aragon, called “Cañón de los arcos”: a walk above the water of a small canyon, near to the fascinating medieval town of Albarracin.


Fig. 1. One of the Fallas burning around the city in the last night of celebration.


Fig. 2. Walking the Cañón de los arcos.

It is time for cherry blossoms also in Andalucia: just this weekend I visited Torres, a small town near Jaen and gateway to the Sierra Magina Natural Park, where I had chance to see these beautiful trees in bloom.


Fig. 3. Cherry blossoms in Torres.

Hasta luego!