No. 3. DUSST on the roof, and new paper out!

Since the end of the Semana Santa, my month has been full of activities. We have been extremely happy to host Matthew Muller, former colleague of mine at NREL, for a week. Matt delivered a presentation to the CEAEMA staff and students on the current research conducted by NREL on PV reliability and on the efforts to address data quality issues in PV performance data. We also worked with him to install a first prototype of DUSST on the roof of the university (Fig. 1), side-by-side with the soiling station for outdoor validation purposes.

Fig. 1. DUSST on the roof of the University of Jaen.

This past week, I was invited to attend a user workshop organized by the inDust Cost Action on “The effect of soiling on solar Energy”, where I delivered a presentation on my past and current efforts in mapping soiling. The workshop took place in Munich, Germany, as side-event of Intersolar Europe 2019.

I am now working on a monitoring report on the progress made with NoSoilPV and on a new study to be presented at PVSC. The monitoring meeting and the PVSC will take place during the same week: I will have to flight to Bruxelles first, and then to Chicago to attend the last two days of conference. Luckily the soiling sessions and many PV reliability presentations will take place in those two days.

Good news: our paper on the correlation between PV soiling losses and hemispherical transmittance has just been accepted for publication in Energy journal. Through the analysis of experimental data collected during a 1-year campaign in Jaen, we show how, measuring the hemispherical transmittance of soiling over certain wavebands, or even at a single wavelength. The unedited version of the manuscript, that is still undergoing copyediting and typesetting, is available at:

On the personal side, I had finally chance to explore Jaen and its beautiful province. Attractions like the cathedral and the Arab baths, which are both located in the city center, definitely deserve a visit. The castle, and the nearby "mirador" are also must-go attractions for visitors, even if out of the city center. Baeza and Ubeda are beautiful towns just 30 minutes from Jaen. I also walked the "Rio Borosa" trail, in the Sierra de Cazorla, a fun and exhausting 22-km trail along the Borosa river up to its springs.