No. 5. Upcoming events

There a number of events that will take place in the next months in which I will be involved. In September, I will be delivering a presentation about our soiling extraction model to the 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, in Marseille, France. We will also have some posters to present the other activities our group are doing, including the development of DUSST.

At the end of October, the international soiling workshop will take place in Morocco. I plan to have some presentations there about the progress made in this project.

From a public engagement perspective, I have submitted a proposal for a stand at the European Research Nights 2019. There I will be conducting, with the help of two PhD students from our group, family-oriented activities on solar energy and PV soiling. The European Research Night will take place in Jaén and in many other cities on September 27th.

This month I have been visiting the cities of Salamanca and Ávila, both in the Castilla y León region. Salamanca, whose city centre is declared UNESCO World Heritage site, is home of the oldest university in Spain and has several fascinating attractions, including the historical Plaza Mayor and two Cathedrals (Fig. 1). Ávila is a smaller town surrounded by a medieval wall which is partly open to pedestrians (Fig. 2). A last highlight for this month is the hike to the Meandro del Melero, a spectacular meander of the Alagón river (Fig. 3), on the edge between Castilla y Leon and Extremadura.


Fig. 1 - View of the Old and New Cathedrals of Salamanca during the tour.

Fig. 2 - The walls of Avila, with the cathedral in the background.

Fig. 3 - Meandro del Melero.