No. 6. Soiling in CPV

A brief summer update! A new paper has just been published in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, on the spectral effects of soiling on CPV systems. It can be accessed for free (for limited time) at The paper shows how blue-rich irradiance conditions, which are generally more favourable for CPV (see here), can mitigate the spectral impact of soiling. Also, it suggests that soiling might have lower impact on four or more junction cells.

You can keep track of NoSoilPV publication record on our website:, where you can find also links to the PDFs of the preprints and postprints. The accepted manuscript of the work published in May on Energy now can also be accessed on arXiv at

Last month, I visited for the second time Valencia. I spent most of the time at the City of Arts and Sciences, a modern architectural complex that hosts the Science Museum, an IMAX Cinema, an oceanographic park and more attractions.

Fig. 1 - Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences