No. 8. Soiling Workshop

Two weeks ago, I participated in the 2019 International PV Soiling Workshop, organized by NREL (USA) and IRESEN (Morocco), in Marrakech, Morocco. It was a great occasion for meeting colleagues and experts focused on PV soiling and to present the progress we made in Jaén. I delivered three presentations, and chaired one session on "Standards and Testing". We also visited the facilities of IRESEN, where the Fig. 1 was taken.


Fig. 1 - Kipp & Zonen's DustIQ at IRESEN, Morocco.

Since the last post, our IEEE JPV paper "Extracting and Generating PV Soiling Profiles for Analysis, Forecasting, and Cleaning Optimization" was made available on IEEE Xplore at: We also uploaded the accepted version of the article on TechRxiv, a new repository powered by IEEE.

A new paper I have been leading in collaboration with Greg Smestad from Sol Ideas Technology Development (USA) has been also accepted for publication in Scientific Reports. The paper, titled "Modelling photovoltaic soiling losses through optical characterization", is the result of a collaborative effort that involved outdoor soiling deposition campaigns in seven locations worldwide.

In addition, the results of the Joule paper I presented in the last post were featured in a PV magazine article. Along with the scientific production, I am particularly happy to share that I was interviewed, along with my advisors Florencia Almonacid and Eduardo F. Fernandez, by SER Radio Jaén, a local radio station, to present my MSCA IF project. A video of the interview, in Spanish, is available here.

This month's postcards come from the Community of Madrid and from Castile and León. The first picture (Fig. 2) shows the Monasterio del Escorial, World Heritage Site since 1984 and historical residence of the King of Spain. The second picture (Fig. 3) instead is taken in Segovia and shows the impressive and well-preserved Roman aqueduct crossing one of the city's squares. If you feel that the Alcázar of Segovia (Fig. 4) is somehow familiar, no worries: some say that it inspired at least one of the Disney's castles!


Fig. 2 - Monasterio del Escorial in San Lorenzo de El Escorial.


Fig. 3 - The aqueduct in Segovia.

Fig. 4 - The Alcázar in Segovia.