No. 9. NoSoilPV's second year

I am writing this new blog post with some delay. Sorry! Welcome to the second year of NoSoilPV. I feel I had a successful first year. Indeed, in 2019:

  • I had 4 peer reviewed articles published, two of which as first author.

  • I delivered oral presentations to major international PV conferences (46th IEEE PVSC and 36th EU PVSEC).

  • I have been involved in two COST actions, and I attended various workshops on PV and soiling.

  • I served as chairman in sessions at the 46th IEEE PVSC and at the 2019 PV soiling workshop.

  • I attended the MSCA monitoring event titled “Artificial intelligence a way forward for Europe”.

  • I participated into various public outreach activities, including the European Researchers' Night.

Remember that you can have a look at our outputs on the publication page of the project website (

Christmas and New Year festivities have been great, and we had lot of work done in January. A new paper, titled “Modelling photovoltaic soiling losses through optical characterization", is finally published Scientific Reports and available in open access ( We also have a couple of manuscripts submitted to journals. Fingers crossed.

The main effort in the last weeks has been the preparation of abstracts for the next 47th IEEE PVSC and 37th EU PVSEC conferences. I am also planning to attend a couple of more events on the horizon, and I will give more information in the next posts. In addition, I have been working on new collaborations that should bring in data and knowledge that will benefit the project.

Andalucía is hot in summer, but this means that it is possible to enjoy a nice spring weekend at the start of February. The pictures below (Fig. 1 and 2) show two of three waterfalls nearby Aldeaquemada, in the province of Jaén. On the way back to Jaén, I stopped along the panoramic route that passes through the Despeñaperros Natural Park. The route runs above the old highway and the views, shown in Fig. 3, make the drive enjoyable.

Fig. 1. Cimbarra Waterfall

Fig. 2. Charco del Negrillo

Fig. 3. The view from the panoramic route in Depeñaperros.