No. 10. Stay at home

After Italy, also Spain has stopped. Yesterday the Prime Minister has declared the State of Emergency. No movements for at least two weeks, if not for work, grocery shopping or major force.

This means that I will be working home for the next weeks. Some international meetings have already been turned into online meetings. My secondment to Cyprus has been cancelled for the moment. Even the Pint of Science festival has been postponed to September.

Despite that, my data analysis work is continuing. We have got some new PV power plant data to analyze and I am trying to close a new investigation on PV soiling forecasting. A recent good news: we have received minor comments for a paper on soiling monitoring. In addition, I can announce that I have joined the IEA PVPS Task Group 13, and I am contributing to two reports that should come out in 2020.

For the moment, this is all.

If you can, please stay at home, donate blood, and wash often your hands.