No. 11. Still at home

More than one month has gone since the start of the lockdown. It is difficult to make predictions on when everything will be back to normal. At least, luckily all is good here.

These weeks has been filled with analysis and some writing. Let’s start with a good news: a new paper has been published on Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, and freely available until June 9th at this link. This paper investigates the potential application of the soiling spectral models we presented earlier. We show that, measuring the soiling transmittance at two or three selected wavelengths, it is possible to build the full transmittance spectra, and therefore calculate the losses for different PV modules under various irradiance conditions. All the latest updates on the publications, including links to pre- and post-prints, are available on the project’s website.

Apart from the scientific work I have been doing, I have joined a project, launched by a local company, to 3D print and distribute to the community face shields to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. So far, I have fabricated 90 shields with my 3D printer (Fig. 1). It is a very small contribution, but I hope to be able to make more of those. And maybe to get someone else involved.

Fig. 1. Some of my 3D printed face shields.