No. 12. 2020 summer ride

It has been a while since the last update on NoSoilPV. This does not mean that I have not been working on different aspects of the project. There are lot of news to share.

I had a presentation at the virtual IEEE PVSC meeting titled: “Segmentation of Deposition Periods: An Opportunity to Improve PV Soiling Extraction”. The work aims to improve the current methodology used to identify soiling profiles from PV performance time series by using piecewise regression and change-point algorithms. A full paper is on the way, hopefully.

Through a similar approach, I participated in an investigation on non-linear degradation rate patterns aimed to identify automatically the rates and the change points in degradation.

Meanwhile, I have been tackling the last objective of NoSoilPV, starting analyzing the economics related to soiling losses and cleanings. An initial publication is already available in Solar Energy, titled “Optimum cleaning schedule of photovoltaic systems based on levelised cost of energy and case study in central Mexico” (free access until October 27 here), and led by my colleague Pedro Rodrigo. In this work, we investigate how LCOE of PV systems changes depending on the cleaning schedule and on the system’s characteristics, using data from a soiling station.

Just last night, the pre-proof of our latest work, accepted for publication in Energy, went online. The paper is titled “Economics of seasonal photovoltaic soiling and cleaning optimization scenarios” and presents an investigation on the optimal cleaning scenario for a full-scale PV system in Southern Spain. In this work, we analyze how the cleaning schedule affects both the LCOE and the NPV and how these two metrics behave differently in front of the same cleaning strategy. Last, we also show how mitigating soiling becomes more profitable as the efficiency of the modules increases.

A few more works are currently under review, and I hope to get more updates soon. The initial results of one of these investigations, concerning PV soiling losses of a utility-scale system in Chile, were presented at the last IEA PVPS Task 13 Online Meeting, last week.

Stay safe!